Andrew and Courtney McCarty started an escape room in Hastings, Nebraska and needed a website. The website had to:

  • Describe what an escape room is since they are fairly uncommon
  • Book reservations
  • Accept payment
  • Both Andrew and Courtney needed the ability to update content on their own without a developer

After testing a number of content management and booking tools, we landed on Squarespace and Bookeo. We found that Squarespace would work as an easy to use content managemnt system but was lacking a robust booking tool. Bookeo provided the perfect consumer booking tool with customizable conditions suited to their business. I guided Courtney and Andrew through a few content management and SEO best practices and by the time we launched the site, they were adding images and creating pages all on their own.

"Tim is great to work with! He is knowledgable about best practices on the internet and website creation. He recommended multiple avenues to create a website and allowed us to decide which option would work best for our business. He then took time to not only help get the website up and running but he explained the process so we could do it independently in the future. He answered our questions in a timely manner and spent time researching information he was not sure on. Tim also helped with logo design in the form of removing padding, changing colors, and adding some text. Throughout the entire process Tim was supportive, friendly, and knowledgable. I strongly recommend using Tim as a consultant in launching a website!"

-Courtney McCarty

The TRAPPED DOWNTOWN website was a lot of fun for me since I had experienced an escape room in New York and I understood the business model. The booking tool, Bookeo, was completely new to me. At first, I expected payment would go through Squarespace combined with a payment processor but after building the checkout page using Squarespace, Courtney and Andrew knew that it was going to be a bad user experience. After I presented a few booking tools to Courtney and Andrew, they found that Bookeo matched their needs and I knew we had the right set of tools for them manage a website on their own.

If you’re near Hastings, Nebraska, register for an hour long puzzle, locked in a room with your friends at TRAPPED DOWNTOWN.